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Gladstone Family Dental Group

Gregory Dale, DDS

David Platt, DDS




Feb 8, 2008

The best dentist I have seen in years.

His staff is very helpful as well.




Jan 23, 2007

I was referred to Dr. Dale by a friend of mine.

It has been a long time since I have had proper dental care and I KNEW that I was in for quite a shock with all that I would have to have done. Dr. Dale was INCREDIBLY kind and was not condescending at all in regards to the condition of my mouth. I knew full well it was in bad shape and that it was my fault. A past dentist had made it clear that it was 100% my fault and “how could I?”

Dr. Dale was incredibly kind and willing to let me know that everything could be corrected without being condescending. I have already started the work that needs to be done and am actually looking forward to going back. He works very slowly and is VERY cautious to make sure you will not be in pain.

Dr. Dale is awesome!!!!!!




May 9, 2005

Dr. Dale squeezed me in for an emergency visit!

I have never been a patient of his before! I was in and out! Unfortunately I had to be referred to an oral surgeon. But he told it would be better for me! The procedure was fast and the oral surgeon he told me about got me in quick and did an incredible job! Thanks to Dr. Dale I have no more pain!