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Gladstone Family Dental Group

Gregory Dale, DDS

David Platt, DDS



Pat M.

Apr 2, 2019

Dr Platte has been my dentist for Several years.

He is absolutely amazing! I had an appointment today and it just went so well. Dr. Platte is a perfect gentleman and his staff is just over-the-top nice. Had a conversation with him today and he is a dog lover as an added bonus!!!



Gretchen R.

Jan 1, 2018

Today was my first visit with Gladstone Family Dental and I couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledgeable staff, fast and friendly service, and best practices in action that I found there.

Dr. Dale was warm, well-informed, and in no rush. He spent time talking with me about my overall health and I left feeling like he genuinely cared about my well-being. Front-desk staff can make or break an experience for me and the staff who greeted me and who helped me book my next appointment were superb. I’m very happy with my experience and look forward to a continued relationship with this practice.



Kathy S.

Jul 24, 2017

Dr. Platt and his assistant was absolutely awesome!!!!!

Was referred to Dr. Platt by my best friend because I had a tooth broken off. Had already seen another dentist about this broken tooth before Dr. Platt. The first dentist put in a temporary filling that fell out within two weeks and said that he did not know whether he could put in a permanent filling, but to schedule another appointment and we will find out. That did not sound real promising, so I listened to my friend and made an appointment with Dr. Platt. When I asked him if it could be filled, he did not hesitate one minute and said, “Yes, I can put a permanent filling in that tooth.” Keep in mind that I am a big baby when it comes to dental work. Prior to this dental work, I always had nitrous oxide just to clean my teeth. Dr. Platt was absolutely AMAZING!!! No nitrous before he got out that big bad numbing needle to stick in my gums and it was a piece of cake. Of course, I felt it, but I did not leave fingernail marks on the arms of the chair from clutching it. He tells you everything that he is doing and how long it will take as he is doing it. Now I want him to replace all of my old ugly silver-gray fillings with this lovely natural tooth colored filling. Now I have one brand new looking tooth along side my old ugly fillings. I go back to see Dr. Platt on August 9th to set up a game plan to get my teeth back in shape and I can actually say that I am not dreading this upcoming appointment at all. I just cannot say enough good things about Dr. Platt and the entire staff that I came in contact with today. Very pleasant experience.



Noor Aldeen I.

May 21, 2015

I love this place.

People are nice and professionals. They know what’s the priority on the list regardless of how much it cost, unlike some other places trying to take your money upfront without really caring of what’s best for you. This Dr. Office is definitely my new dentist.



Michael M.

April 3, 2013

Great dentists!

I’ve had good ones and bad ones in the past, but these guys are good! Kind and personable, and they don’t berate or talk down to you. Highly recommended if you just moved to the area like we had.